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Product Description

  Product Description: Supporting WALSN double detection flame detection fiber OYI instrument measurement and control YXW500 double detection flame detection fiber
  Product details:
  OYI measurement and control YXW500 double detection (IR + UV) flame inspection fiber, is a professional technical team with many years of research and development experience, combined with photoelectric technology experts, through several detailed experimental research and analysis. The research produced YXW500 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber.
  The double-detection flame detection fiber combines the characteristics of the infrared flame detection fiber and the ultraviolet flame detection fiber, and has strong practicability.
  [YXW500 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber series technology and technology]
  A unique process using proprietary technology from Euromonitor.
  [YXW500 double detection (IR+UV) flame inspection fiber series product features]
  High temperature resistance, light transmittance and stability.
  [Application of YXW500 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber series products]
  The application units are located in many power plants, and the quality is stable and reliable, which has won unanimous favorable comments from users.
Description OYI Type Remarks
Infrared (Visible) Flame Detection Optical Fiber YXW500-IR-XXXX  
IR&UV Flame Detection Optical Fiber YXW500-UV&IR-XXXX XXXX-length
Accessories of Flame Detection Optical Fiber Outer casing (flexible) YXW500-1 1-Flexible
Outer casing (rigid) YXW500-2 2-Rigid
  [YXW500 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber product parameters]

  [YXW500 double detection (IR + UV) flame inspection fiber series ordering instructions]
  1. Product model or parameter
  2. Provide non-standard parameters for production
  3. Provide samples for reference production

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