Flame Scanner Sensor YTF-6L

Product Description

  Product Name: Plasma Image Flame Detection Probe (Core), Casing

  Plasma image flame detection probe (core) is a professional technical team with many years of research and development experience, combined with photoelectric technology experts, through a large number of detailed experimental research and analysis. Related main products are: plasma image  flame detection probe (core) plasma image flame  inspection image  flame inspection flame detection probe  flame detection probe core  flame inspection casing

  [Plasma Image Flame Detection Probe] Principle

  The plasma image  flame detector (core) uses a wide-angle long focal length working lens and a color CCD camera to directly capture the burner flame image (angle of view 85 & deg; ~ 90 & deg;), the combustion flame image contains a large amount of information, using imaging technology, computer numbers Image processing technology and pattern recognition technology process the flame image to achieve sampling, data processing and feature recognition of the burner exit flame image, and accurately output the ON/OFF signal of the single burner flame.

  Plasma image  flame detector (core), casing

  [Plasma Image flame Detection Probe] Application

  The boiler operator adjusts the primary and secondary air ratio according to the flame image of the burner, improves the burning degree of the pulverized coal and the combustion efficiency of the boiler, reduces the pollution of the flue gas, and finally enables it to guide the combustion and ensure the optimal operation of the boiler. To achieve a stable, economical, clean burning purpose.

  Plasma image  flame detector (core), casing

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