Flame Analysis Unit

Product Description

  Product Name: OYI instrument measurement and control flame detector / fire detection processor / amplifier YFC-X
  Product details:
  The flame detection processor is mainly used for flame monitoring of various oil and coal fuels. It is a professional technical team of OYI instrument measurement and control with many years of research and development experience, combined with photoelectric technology experts, through a large number of detailed experimental research and analysis. The flame detector is mainly composed of a probe, a processor and a field of view adjustment mechanism (optional). It is mainly used in conjunction with fire detection fibers, fire detectors and cooling fans.
  [OYI measurement and control flame detection processor technology]
  A unique process using proprietary technology from Euromonitor.
  [OYI measurement and control flame detection processor features]
  With test, fault self-test and other functions, it also has high security and flexibility.
  [OYI measurement and control flame detection processor application]
  The application units are located in many power plants, and the quality is stable and reliable, which has won unanimous favorable comments from users.
  [OYI measuring and controlling fire detection processor related spare parts]
  Fire inspection fiber, fire detector, cooling fan and metal hose
  [OYI measurement and control fire detection processor technical parameters:]

  [OYI measurement and control fire detection processor ordering instructions]
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