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  Product Name:OYI measuring and controlling electric propeller
  Product details:
  [OYI measurement and control electric propeller product working principle]
  The OYI instrument measuring and controlling electric propeller is a new type of electric drive reciprocating mechanical device. It is mainly used for advance and retreat of igniter, oil gun, flame detection probe, etc. in power plant boiler ignition system. The electric propeller consists of a drive motor, a lead screw and a nut, a thrust rod, a collision block and a travel switch. The motor drives the screw to rotate through the coupling, and the moving movement of the nut moves into a linear motion, and the force is transmitted to the push rod. Use the motor to reverse the forward and reverse to achieve the advance and retreat action.
  [OYI instrument measurement and control electric propeller product features]
  Its advanced performance, reasonable structure, flexible movement, stable and reliable work, easy to achieve self-control operation.
  [OYI measurement and control electric propeller product application]
  At present, the electric propeller of Euro-Instrument has been used in many domestic power plants, and its performance is stable and reliable, which has been well received by users.
  [OYI instrument measurement and control electric propeller product main parameters]
Type YDD-4-401 YDD-4-402
Thrust(N) 1000 1000
Propulsion speed(mm/s) 100 100
Stroke(mm) 400 400
Motor model RS7124 RS7124
Motor Power(W) 370 370
Motor speed(rpm) 1400 1400
Motor voltage(V) AC380 AC380
Motor current(A) 1.12 1.12
Installation method Flange Pedestal
Weight(Kg) 25 27

  [OYI measuring and controlling electric propeller common spare parts]
  Travel switch
  2. Motor
  [OYI measurement and control electric propeller products ordering instructions]
  1. Provide product model
  2. Product reference samples are available
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