Match SF810 Fiber Optic Cable

Product Description

  Product Description: OYI measurement and control YX210 infrared flame inspection fiber package for ABB flame inspection fiber SF810 series

  Product details:
  ABB flame detection fiber SF810 series, with many years of research and development experience, the OYI instrument measurement and control professional technical team, combined with optoelectronic technology experts, through a large number of meticulous experimental research and analysis, developed and produced a fully applicable ABB flame detection fiber OYI instrument measurement and control flame detection Optical fiber YX210 series products.
  [OYI instrument measurement and control YX210 infrared flame detection fiber principle]
  Principle of Infrared Flame Detector: There is a large amount of visible light in the flame and infrared rays above 0.9m. These wavelengths of light are not easily absorbed by coal dust, water vapor and other combustion products, so it is suitable for detecting pulverized coal flame, heavy oil flame and suitable The combustion of a fuel with a large inert gas content. Infrared flame detection determines the presence of flame by detecting the intensity of the infrared rays emitted by the combustion flame and the flame frequency. The probe uses a lead sulfide photocell or a silicon photodiode. Since the furnace flicker is completely burned in the flame zone, the flame flicker frequency usually does not exceed 2HZ. Therefore, the infrared flame detector can distinguish between the burner flame and the background flame through the filter circuit.
  ABB flame detector related components supply:
  [OYI instrument measurement and control YX210 infrared flame detection fiber technology and technology]
  A unique process using proprietary technology from Euromonitor.
  [OYI Instrumentation and Control YX210 UV flame Inspection Fiber Product Features]
  High temperature resistance, light transmittance and stability, fully compatible with imported products
  [OYI instrument measurement and control YX210 UV flame detection fiber product application]
  The application units are located in many power plants, and the quality is stable and reliable, which has won unanimous favorable comments from users.
  [OYI measurement and control YX210 infrared flame detection fiber product parameters]
Description Applicable Type OYI Type Remarks
Infrared (Visible) Flame Detection Optical Fiber SF810-FO-G-XXXX-N YX210-IR-XXXX XXXX-length
Accessories of Flame Detection Optical Fiber Outer casing (flexible) SF810-OGP-F-XXXX-N YX210-F F-Flexible
Outer casing (rigid) SF810-OGP-R-XXXX-N YX210-R R-Rigid
  [OYI measurement and control YX210 infrared flame inspection fiber ordering instructions]
  1. Product model or parameter
  2. Provide non-standard parameters for production
  3. Provide samples for reference production
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