Inner and outer casing

Product Description

  Product Name: OYI instrument measurement and control flame inspection fiber accessories (flame inspection fiber casing, cooling wind metal hose)
  Product details:
  flame inspection fiber accessories include flame inspection fiber optic casing and cooling air metal hose. It is a professional technical team of OYI instrument measurement and control with many years of research and development experience, combined with optoelectronic technology experts, through a large number of meticulous experimental research and analysis, and has been put into power plant use. It can be used with flame detection fiber, flame detection fiber probe, flame inspection fiber processor and cooling fan.
  [OYI measurement and control flame inspection fiber optic accessories product technology]
  Unique process using OYI instrument measurement and control expertise
  [OYI Instrumentation Control flame Detection Fiber Accessories Product Features]
  High temperature resistance, light transmittance and stability
  [OYI measurement and control flame inspection fiber optic accessories product application]
  The application units are located in many power plants, and the quality is stable and reliable, which has won unanimous favorable comments from users.
  [OYI Instrument Measurement and Control flame Inspection Fiber Accessories Product Specifications] (The following specifications are non-standard parts, the company's internal support)
  flame side connector: 1” turn 3/4” connector
  Hose nut internal thread: M30× 1.5
  Hose: 1500mm
  Large nut internal thread at the hose and ball valve connection: M30× 1.5
  Hose and ball valve connection: non-threaded pipe thread: M30× 1.5
  Ball Valve: Market Procurement
  [OYI  measurement and control flame inspection fiber optic accessories product model]

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